About Us

About Us

We are best friends, Emily Malice and Stephanie. Our company is Filthy Cute London.



We don’t like clothes made in third world countries by little kids or by vulnerable women so we made sure all our clothes are manufactured in Europe in top quality studios. 

We love the beautiful fabrics, soft, strong and ethically sourced the best cotton we could find. 

We stand against over production of clothes and bullshit consumerism so we have made a very small number of garments. When they sell we will make some more. It is shocking the amount of clothing that ends up in landfill sites. 

Its an expensive way to make clothes but we want to encourage sustainable fashion not fast fashion. 

We tried to make our clothes for everyone, we consider them to be unisex. We love the diversity of this world and we hope everyone can enjoy our clothes. 


Emily is the artist behind the print. Emily Malice’s tattooing is sewn together with visual words and tattoo designs that illustrate the fragility of life and the pain and pleasure to be found when experiencing these extremes along the way. She is often imitated but never replicated. Emily sees her art as a key for the viewer to find inspiration to be themselves and feel their adornments make the strong in their own skin. You can find Emily in London at her tattoo studio Scorpio Mars.